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The Netherlands

The kitchen of Van Loo is classic French with a modern presentation.

Everything revolves around quality, seasons and real food. Erik calls flavor a quest: "as a cook you have to dive into a dish, every taste you taste will be processed in a way that suits the dish", he says. In the kitchen of Park Hill, only the best is good enough.

In order to guarantee quality, Erik has now built up long-standing relationships with his suppliers.

They know exactly what they want, they also know what they should not bring.

A specialty of Van Loo is the ravioli of ‘Bresse’ chicken with fried langoustines.



Despite having once earned three Michelin stars as the chef of La Vie in Osnabrück, Thomas Bühner describes himself as a ‘very simple creature’. Give him an excellent product and that’s enough for him. The restaurant closed in 2018 and now Thomas travels the world, doing events in all sorts of countries.

He is a successful consultant for the food industry, international hotel industry and restaurants. He also works as an ambassador for globally known brands such as Friesland Campina, LSG, Difference Coffee.



The Netherlands


De Kromme Watergang was established by Vinke and his wife Blanche in 1993. It was awarded its first Michelin star in 2005 before the second star came in 2011. The restaurant's current rating by Gault Millau is an impressive 18.5 out of 20.

Represented through creatively mind-blowing plates and daring combinations of flavours, Vinke's kitchen expertise and unique cooking perspective is all about three words: pleasure, passion and perfection.

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As Chef de Cuisine of Atelier (3 Michelin stars, 19 Gault Millau points,   10 + Gusto pans) the 37-year-old not only sets high standards for himself,   but also for his kitchen team.

Hartwig focuses on regional and seasonal products for his light and creative cuisine. Regionalism and  sustainability are important to him in the selection of ingredients. On the proven foundation of haute cuisine,  he conjures contemporary and modern creations, but always without unnecessary extras, the recognition of  the product is his foremost objective. In addition, the taste and the culinary experience are in the foreground  and as Hartwig says: “the guest should have fun during dinner”.




Alan Geaam is a singular leader. He did not make his classes in the kitchens of any sacred monster of gastronomy: he knows them mostly through their books or the press. Passionate about cooking, and motivated by the desire to share, this self-taught artist took 20 years to learn, to understand, to get rich and finally to find “his” culinary identity. The love of cooking and pugnacity, in the country of gastronomy, still pay. Alan Geaam now has four restaurants in Paris.  Alan Geaam has obtained his first Michelin Star in 2018.

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Joe Barza, an international Master Celebrity Chef, is world-renowned for his specialization in Lebanese Cuisine. 

With more than 30 years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience, Chef Joe proudly positions himself as the Lebanese Terroir Culinary Artist.

Backed with years of professionalism, dedication, and achievements, Joe Barza introduced in 2009 his brainchild, the "Joe Barza Culinary Consultancy" specializing in food and beverage consultancy, kitchen design, recruiting services, and training activities.

For Joe Barza, each project is a challenge and a quest to seek new boundaries and to introduce new signature culinary trends; this is why his portfolio is home to over 30 brands of consultancy and endorsement, 100 local and international events participation in 27 countries, and 25 Lebanese Cuisine promotion events in international hotels and culinary establishments.


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